This is a web promo I did for my other job, a veggie restaurant in Kitsilano, BC..

I wanted to sync what people have been going through this past year with the business, which is… marketing!  But all business aside, this is what we have to get comfortable with.  Everything and everyone becomes apart of you when you can sit, and be okay with nature.  You really have to go with the flow of things to find your true self, or you’re resisting a part of you.  This will create many blockages mentally & physically.  Especially physically.  Most of my clients think their physical pain only comes from their physical activities, or labour.  This is not true..

Tera V Burger 2961 West Broadway Vancouver, BC


Holistic Menu

Holistic Remedies

Portable Chair Services, TMJ Relief, Reiki and Learning Reiki 1, Spa Consultation (all available upon request)

           Also!  See products from  Black to Eden at |Jane Finch Mall -Toronto
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**Please  e-mail for appointments or in-formation.**

Energy treatments for my Reiki addicts!

*Reiki is an energy treatment where the therapist will & should only flow positive energy through you.  It will relax the organs and the mind with or without touch.  It is best without touch.  Good for chronic pain or illnesses, addictions, and stress.  😉      


Even the conscious woman likes some shimmer..

Not a make-up artist, but I can still make you beautiful!  Or could you make yourself…?

*Beauty is in the blood.  Not many people would know or believe this, but your blood plays a major role in your physical appearance, because it ‘moves to your mood’.  Negative energy will not help you produce the blood cells you need to fight pathogens or revitalize the entire body.  Positive energy will do this.  There are reports of people growing back limbs, from keeping their attitude in check.  😉


Welcome to 8*!*8

Yes everyone sah-tah (sit peacefully), we live a better life this way.

Welcome to! This is a site where you are free to express anything that will better yourself holistically, mentally, physically, and that big one… spiritually 😉 Because you’ll need it, if we’re gonna be honest.

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Move with supernal rationality.
Move with supernal rationality.