When it comes to ageing, are we actually slowly decaying, or are we just living?

I feel that ageing is a big pill to swallow when it comes to living.  It is as if you can see the inevitable, because you are aware of the end result.  At the same time, I wouldn’t change the fact that I have this information.  As humans, we have so many avenues of choice to help curb our destiny, that when we feel a balanced and positive response to those choices, we might immediately sense a release in our bodies.  It is as though the soul has gotten its medicine, and for that moment, it is completely satisfied.  The electric vibrations of finally taking care of what we really want, or really need.  For instance, hunger or cravings, a shower, new clothing, finishing work your passionate about, upgrading, etc…  When you notice this somewhat chemical release of an endorphin high, it is what some would call a ‘heights’.  Could possibly feel like your body is advising you of the fact that you are living, and it might say “Could we stick with this feeling for a while?  I sense that we may live longer.”  Then we go back to the initial concentrations or distractions of worldly routines, and-  “Why isn’t my body feeling that gorgeous reaction to finishing my son’s science project, as it did to the chocolate cake from last night?” Sometimes relief does not only stem from a physical satisfaction.  You may encounter it after doing something creative, conquering a fear, or successfully completing all tasks that you put in priority for the day. Although, being fatigued from adding this leisurely work to work work could give us a more subtle response.  Almost disappointing isn’t it?  Just a light, calming dose of ‘heights’ to keep you in a peaceful meditation; but still a chance you could go stirr crazy.   This is a trustworthy feeling also, but we can only accomplish this kind of homework a few times in the week, because we work hard, and we’re tired…  You could take it to an extreme, but being proactive is exhausting at times.

Someone may say, “Well what about murder?  What about all those so-called humans that love to murder all living things?”  My take, would be that everyone has a certain experience when it comes to murder.  Meanwhile, some things are taught and instilled from childhood, which could be unlearned in some cases, but then choice would have to present itself.  Keep in mind, that some laws help us continue our life on this planet.  Don’t harm yourself or others (physically, mentally, or spiritually), and be kind to nature (this is a summed up version, search 42 Laws of Maat:).  So at some point, you’d have to make a choice of whether human law means anything to you.  With that, ‘control’ comes into play.  Control is what makes us Mon-stars! Because we are a thinking species, and  our overall control equals strength and endurance in all aspects of life.  Everything in moderation.  This is what gives us our glamour, and makes us shiny.  It is what compels a scientist to study us in the first place, or other animals to probably wonder what we are.  I feel. Right? 😆

We’re in a period where we have to do things in bits to feel our livity (or feeling you’re alive), but this is still fuel for us.  If this is what you’re feeling, never stop.  This smooth and almost vague meditation helps you float through your experience.  It keeps you grounded.  We may go through some trauma, or drain a lot of our energy doing things for others, but you can also feel redeemed in these strength-building experiences.   It wares on you, and you’re tired (flippin exhausted it’s ridiculous).  However, what will separate you and the senile/bitter elder, may be your fundamental ability to enjoy life.  Are you taking your time when you need it?  Are you exercising your human right to put your life as a priority, when you have the time and space to do so? Without being bitter about the time taken from you? Lol maybe? Strength is key sometimes.  Makes you wanna clench your teeth and scream till it hurts. Please do that.  Express that, because we do this as this sort of function of letting things go, so that more information can go in.  What information do you want to go in? Well it’s your choice of course.  However, it looks like, if you are someone who overstands positive bodily response, control, strength, and endurance, then AGE may no longer be a factor for you.

Thanks so much everyone!  Laterz 

*Faith may need to come in soon, cause I know you’re tirrrred…