Do you fear Rastas?

The more I reflect on this issue, the more reluctant I am to elaborate on this.  I mean the title alone speaks volumes..  So I will let Ras Afari speak and continue after.

Those of you, who are privy to my previous posts on this site, would probably agree that the Rastafarian community might have a lot of information.  However,  many nations now have to ponder whether this information is of any use.  When I use the word fear,  I’m not referring to a quivering or terrifying sensation (even though some may have this towards Rasta).  I’m talking about that quick, shocking reaction that causes someone to turn away an astral/spiritual person.  This can also represent fear.  I know this because, I too have felt this way towards the Rastafarian faith.  I said “Oh no I could never date a Rasta, with the beard and everything? Ew!”  “I don’t really know those men!” Haha! Funny how irony works.  At the same time, I didn’t quite overstand my own culture to it’s fullest history.  So I beg of you, if you have questions for a Ras, ask.  The one who chooses to be short with you, is not doing his/her job.  That is not what we promote.

Qedamawe Haile Selassie I the first (AKA Ras Tafari), was a man who could take the idea of positivity and unity, to a level where you could dilute the energy of billions of people in one space; like a spot of blood dripping in clear water.  So it could spread.  Especially, to those who understood/overstood what it took to be a defender of this faith.  Many people had to die.  There are people dying now, but what about the ones still living?  Are they not some sort of example at this point?  Maybe, who knows lol.  Any real Rasta should tell you that “you’re a Rasta since birth.”  If you ask, then we should tell you that.

So Rasta (yes YOU :p), let’s accomplish our goals together.  We need freedom of the mind, body, and spirit.  Freedom to express.  To live free of dis-ease, malnutrition, categories, cages, cruelty, guilt, shame, disrespect, jealousy, falsehood, addiction, scrutiny, murder-  It’s just that my day goes by a little better without it :$   We can agree? Lol.  We just want to see the smiles on all your faces, because you know that you’re here, you’re alive, and most importantly that you know your Self.  We just wanna laugh with you all the time. If you know this, then you’re in control, with a bit of Help.  Do not separate yourself from this Help, because He gives you more credit for your own divinity than you think.  Haile Selassie was the embodiment of Him, to give you an example of what level we have to reach in order to give our children’s children the most enjoyable, and respectful future.

Stay strong, especially in the mind.  Stay calm, and do not worry, for He is with you.  He also helps you out of many situations.  If your day does not seem like it’s going the way you manifested, it’s always for a reason.  This is a form of Love.

I guess you could say, Rasta is another word for us who are knowledgable and aware of spiritual reasoning.  This is a really big part of the human species, that has been ignored.  Having a real connection with all things of the Universe, is how we accept love in every form.  Have a wonderful 2016 everyone!  Keep pushing, and moving forward; no matter what the obstacle.

Research can be done at YouTube channels like rastafarisabbathical or EthiopianWorldNET.

Thanks, much love 😉