A lot of people feel that ‘holistic’ might mean extra natural, hippie, granola, tree-hugging, plain, or magically zen (which are not adverse terms, since people now know they need to eat clean lol).  In actuality, it is just the notion that you can encompass everything to suit your needs.  That you are able to take your most egotistic thoughts (of things you are used to), overstand and be mindful of those, in order to ask the right questions, or try the things you don’t know about.  After that, being able to peacefully say “I see why it’s for you, but not for me.”  Respect in duality to see why Love is important.  Google uses words like ‘characterized’, as well it should, we all have some form of characterization, but we cannot forget that, even in character, we are still dealing with a human life.  You’ll never know who you’re talking to, until you really talk to them (man or woman, you don’t know).  It takes many years of practice, sleepless nights, addictions, and insecurities to shake the haunting of taking another human life (or life of nature as a whole most times).  Even then, you’ll still have to acknowledge how that will affect your path and others’.  You will definitely get back what you dish out…

Holistic, in its vibrational meaning, is the practice of acquiring balance, through a peaceful mind of Self, your enemies, your family, your health, your truthfulness, your falsities, and your life seen in every aspect, from the examples of your environment or society in general.  This is why we have dreams/visions!  The universe basically putting you in someone else’s shoes, to connect you in this infinite web of knowing.  So you’ll never have to say, “Well I don’t know anybody like that.”  You’re not dead yet, you may meet them soon.  We’re smart I swear lol, and we know the consequences.  You’re tired and you just don’t feel like trying any more?  That’s alright,  but the person who drained you won’t suffer.  It will only be you.

Guys I’ve SEEN SOME THINGS over the past couple weeks (only took 2 weeks), and people cannot advocate for a self-built/Self-built society, if they are not willing to go all the way with it.  This is what we’re dealing with:  People unwilling to ask questions (this connects us), some actually quite brainwashed (whether willing to admit it or not), insecurities (due to really hard times before they ‘made it’), disrespectful youth (due to those insecurities), no longer asking or confronting someone (due to assumptions).  All these things cause a fear of working together with people.  Whether you are a person trying to contribute something naturally or falsely beneficial to the world, there will always be that one ‘miserable Mary/Monty’ that wants to keep their foot on you by force, and not by having a conversation with you.  Has nothing to do with what you’re selling sometimes.  It is that some want to be an oppressor, or some are so used to the idea of an oppressor.  Also, some are just used to having a certain image, which doesn’t include helping others.  I overstand this!  I became this at one point.  This is why I’ll never condemn you.  I will just ask questions to KNOW you (plug—>Nosaiik).  I will light up even more, when I sense that you know yourself, at the present time (because life brings us many changes).  We are in a time, where some will use a maze of ideas to trap you, and keep you in cages (mentally/physically),  a time where peer pressure is an okay thing (even astrally/spiritually, be careful),  and a time where people actually believe they’re inside will have to match their outside (because they just don’t feel like trying any further).  A person that sees things as a whole can encourage anyone, because they’ll find light whichever way they look.  This is your harmony.  We won’t be able to save all the people that choose to stay broken.  And that’s okay,  cause the web of interconnection goes many ways.

Bring your shade to light, and your light to shade.  Then see what the outcome is…

I Give Thanks for all your subscriptions, and for everything I’ve learned in this mystical period.


*To all my Holistic/complimentary therapists, Rmts, Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Nurses, Nutritionists..etc.  All of you who work in an industry, where some seem to dumb down your job, due to corporate greed.  I salute you, love you, and wish you the world in the palm of your hand, because they don’t know who they’re talking to.  May they know sooner than later.  All the best, and many blessings <3