Where might you get your confidence from?

The truth about confidence is that it will save your life…  If it is genuine, and based on your own courage, respect for Self, and love for self, which in turn encourages others, then it’s pretty legit.

It is so pertinent that you need it before accomplishing anything actually.  It’s possible that most of us have put all our confidence in our work/job focus.  So what about when you’re not in work mode, or in that automatic trance of doing something you are well trained to do?  Are you free to be who you are in your own home, with absolutely no versions of paranoia?  Can you make mistakes?  Be strong or weak in public or private?  Confidence will help you in all these areas, and it should be fun.  Just finding those components that make up a burst of interests, which later transform into your talents.  This will play a big role in energizing your ‘battery’.  In other words, it will fuel your ‘will’ (will to live).

Discovering more about yourself should light your fire.  There is always something about us that we can’t deny, is pretty cool.  Nothing wrong with this, enjoy this, and magnify it; especially if others can benefit from it.  A lot of times, confidence will come from what we know, and what we like.  Some of us grew up in multiple environments, where confidence was acquired through certain memories, so it can be difficult to put you in a box.  You can never really stray away from the things or people that spark a euphoric fireworks within you.  This is love, and the feelings should always be returned.  The truth is, we can fall in love with many truths, but more prominently those that excite us, amaze us, make us wonder, and encourage our participation.  Never for-get these experiences, because they don’t always stem from home unfortunately (or at least as far as you know).  What’s really beautiful about this type of evolution I’m speaking of, is that you may notice a positive in just about every culture, organization, or group.  Even the really twisted ones have life on this earth for the same reason.  The more energy given to something, the more it survives.  So you have to know, and be confident in what you like!  Establishing your innate confidence is what finally makes your story, yours.  You have to love you, your interests, and what you put out for nature to receive. It’s okay to freeze up in situations, because once you’ve enjoyed every aspect of yourself, you can infuse your Self into any setting.   Anxious feelings are also lively feelings.  We can’t always be worried about who or what influences us, but how we influence others.  There will always be something catching about the person who isn’t always in plane view, so SHOW OFF.  I’ve liked so many styles and traits over the years, that nothing shocks me, and nothing has ever made me less interested in who we are.  So I’m chilling!

Be unspeakably gorgeous about who you are, and what you do.  Keep this secret for you, until you are asked for an interview, and even then, keep what is only for you.

Be confident.

As my aunt says, “Smooches!”   Thanks 😉