Compose the Growth

“I move forward with: habits, awareness, responsibility, goals, hunger, strength, sombre meditation, empathetic sickness, envisioning without sleep, caution, ingestion & indigestion of views and principals,  butterflies, psychic weapons, involuntary vulnerability, speech without speaking, ears ringing, muted vocals, and bright smiles under an ash crumbling pillow.”   -yours truly

If it’s about time, where does my time go?  When can I be me, and spend my time dusting off the sore, concrete, backs of men/women/children to uncover their vibrant and strong wings?  Will anyone need that?  Endless questions can cause some to give up..

What will you compose in this growth?  Are you thinking to create within the box or are you trying to work on the outside of it?  Either one can go a long way, but you have to know who you can trust.  No juggernauts! Just level-headed, on the rise, gracious with gratitude, fight for your team, adopt your children, types of loved ones.  They see where your going, and have invested their time and love in you, to make sure you stay in the game.  Those giving you the Aum (hopefully reminding you of home).  No one is new to a DIY challenge.  Brainstorm, write down, organize, execute, and repeat.  Are you getting closer to the satisfaction of working with whatever/whoever you’ve got?  Is it possible you can build something bigger?   Whenever you are about to make a big decision to practice, dedicate, or alter your image to fit your own: starved, relentless, human, and free-flowing efforts, then you are not only entering into long term sustainability, but long term principles; which explains the emotional roller coaster of a greed-stricken vessel.  It’s not mentally fortunate for the pleasantly possessed to survive.  This is why I feel timid around those starting to overstand, because people will need your vulnerability, and your story, but you don’t want that to be used against you in any negative way.  However, you’ll still have to push anyway.  To the conscious, it’s like birthing a baby lol.  You’ll have to push, even if you’re exhausted, cause a lot won’t say it, but they’ll want you to push for them; you can be ‘cold as ice’ and say “push yourSelves!”, but you know that will throw things off balance.  So you want recognition!  At least that, but another power struggle will cripple you.  So you decide to keep your mental fire burning, and come to terms with your real job here.  You’ve probably started letting go of the less noticeable details at your work place, to make room for those extra-ordinary ideas that might bring you, and the people close to you, to more of an equilibrium in this supernal transformation.  Less wants?  No.  More wants.  Wants containing: symmetry, cultivation, independence, pure & self-driven flight, connection, forgiveness, painless days (nights, weekends, months, negotiations, food, drink), true smiles (contributions, stories, or laughter), the absence of time, true security, and coming to terms with the abundance that this sort of ‘internal community inclusion’ brings.

I’ve attempted a ‘communal inclusion’ method every year for the past 7 years, while also dealing with the business sector, just to give you an idea of how much ‘PUSH’ it might take.  If you want to compose the right growth, find the right people.  Intuitively, you already know them..

Much love 🙂