This piece isn’t so much about parenting, as it is about pre-parenting, or bio-parenting, so to speak.  The practice of creating a natural intention, when having your child.

You and your spouse are able to put your most positive intentions (negative ones also), and strength-building characteristics into your child from the time of conception, to the time of birth.  It’s really about taking the time to think about the future of your legacy, and being able to manifest this bio-energy throughout your child’s development.

Some of you may have the bug-eyed “What?” face, but is the perception so improbable?  See, now we have to look at all the potentials.  Our tactics, skills, home remedies, and what we can use in nature; in fact, what we can use in ourSelves.  A “wholistic” way of life, which is our birth right.  See it?  And it takes some calming down, with a look at your highest principles, traditions, and expectations of Self.  What are the most endorphin-driven ideologies, that have given you the highest excitement in your heart-centre?  Those are the principles that you will most likely pass to your children.  Whether aware of it, or not.  My generation made it a point, to expose the benefits of fun!  So we find it quite important to teach our children, nieces, nephews about the importance of laughter, and what it really means to take life seriously, but not so seriously (a very big window into the astral realm actually).  Hoping that they share this with their friends, and one day their family.  It’s something we can pass down, which doesn’t cost anything; and it helps the community, deal.

People need to know what they have, as well as what they want.  What do you have?  Is it the compulsive need to do something?  Is it sensitivity?  Is it your networking/social abilities?  Is it your will to survive?  Is it material? ..(hint: what you buy says a lot about you, but does not stop you from change)..  We must look at our strengths when becoming parents.  We’ll need the ability to lead, love, learn, and teach.

When we can properly analyze ourselves in a realistic manner, and come to an equally-yoked parenting style with our significant others, then we solidify what we think, say, and do during the ‘true development process’  (conception to birth).  The type of person you are, how you treat others, how you handle pain & mistreatment, how you continue to give some form of Love to the people who have caused that pain, humor, multi-tasking (takes meditation and exercise), diet, attention to detail, a deeply rooted overstanding of your inner child (giving thanks and appreciation to the younger you, for getting you where you are today…no matter how crazy it looked 😀 ), and really being able to pay attention to that Bio-energy!  It will save your life! How else do you know what you like and dislike?  Or what you put out for people to receive, and get back what you put out?  When people meet you, they see everything, and that’s important, because we need to recognize things in each other.  Anytime you meet up with nature, and true expression comes from that someone or something, you’re learning more about yourself.  We don’t look for validation from others, but information, which is rightfully ours, can come from anywhere.  It is that bio-energy which attracts you to the things and people you will need, to get you to where you want to be.  A vibration you can feel, in it’s lowest and highest.  Just as easy as knowing the energy in your home, compared to when you go to someone else’s house.  It’s not just the decor, that feels unfamiliar.  More children will tell you this these days.  They’ll tell you if something feels off, or exactly why they don’t like something or someone.  Used to take us at least a decade to be that certain.

Your temper, as freeing as it is to express, is curable by remembering to take care of Self.  For instance, I stay positive, but sometimes I’m ‘positively pissed’.  Depending on what goals you have for yourSelf and society (which connect), sometimes your need to do everything and get everything done, while dealing with certain obstacles, can be too straining.   This is a sign that some tasks, are to be completed a bit later.  Communication to Self, and communication to others is the best way to help ourSelves in these situations.  Or “you’re just hungry”.  Which is a phrase that should no longer exist.  Especially when you are a parent.  Hunger is the dissatisfaction of your solar plexus (stomach area or chakra), and it is the DIRECT ROOT/Route to the soul.  When you’re hungry you almost have to slouch, and slink yourself around, to keep from unleashing a pandora’s box of anger and lashing out.  Trust me, we’ve been taking it easy on each other, compared to the hunger stories I’ve heard.  And we can’t de-sensitize this.  Eat anything, grab anything when having an active day with your boopies, because they’re aware of when your energy changes, and they respond accordingly.  The exhaustion is easier to deal with when you’re moving from your heart-centre.  Time and money, may get you stuck.

Don’t forget who you love, how you love, what you bring to the table, the uniqueness of you & your life, the goals you had before selling parts of yourSelf (some had to do it), open-ness & communication, love thy self, extend help and overstanding when possible, take opportunities to heal all wounds and pain (babies respond positively to parents dealing with themSelves during pregnancy as well), and remember that you can’t go anywhere but up.  If you can still see in the dark, then you know that it will never cover Light.

I love you all.  This one, is not only for all the mothers and fathers,  but for those that only dream of being in their position, and have to wait just a little bit longer.  Only a bit!  I know you can feel it.

A happy maather’s day to my mom Cheryl.  The Queen that birthed me, and always reminded me that, if there isn’t a problem, then it isn’t a problem.  Until it’s a problem! Lol.   Thanks everyone 🙂