This is probably one of the most crucial posts I’m going to give you guys.  Everything else after this one, may seem like, how some would say, ‘food for thought’.  Not this one.  You have to be quite proactive with this piece.

‘Reaction’, whether positive or negative, is the result of excitatory feelings towards past experiences (& ideas) of the ego, or learning Self.  We cannot mistake these feelings for a righteous meditation.  If we do, the judgement never stops; and will continue to circle around some infested waters of ‘hypocrisy’.  Pride will do this as well.  It’s just about being cautious/conscious with our truths.  We are in a time where we can make our truths false, and our falsities true.  Please make no mistake that the truth can also be questioned.  Especially when there are changes in the factors of time, environment, and stability (preservation of nature).  We call these ‘waves’, and in these waves, we still have to keep our balance.

‘Balance’, in the astral sense, would be the continual ability to automatically sense your confidence, mixed with that, almost pessimistic power to laugh at one’s Self.  I say ‘pessimistic’, because we kind of learnt it that way, but basically the ability to say, “I can suck at times too.” 😀    When we can take the things we are ashamed of,  overstand where they stem from, or the purpose for their existence in our path, then we can act responsibly for future generations.  Shame is an ethereal consequence of change.  It is a conditioned sense of crushing dis-ease, and anxious embarrassment. It’s not really needed, when you’re moving on from things that no longer serve you.  Guilt will also drain you.  Analyze your actions thoroughly, while considering love for your energetic Self (careful of Self punishment).  When the storm is over, are you going to move forward? Or will you choose death after all the hard work?  The balance is in knowing how you got here, where you’re going as a unique compliment to nature; with the education of your past.

The telescopes. The experiments. The assessments.  They are all you.  Whether you are subjected to them, or not, you are the deciding factor in upholding a body, that when it is born, will be loved, attacked, touched, injured, pampered, and fatigued (so many!).  The truth and lies will make you weak.  I repeat.  The truth and lies will make you strong.  You are no longer limited from blurring the lines.  You are aware of the differences, what is for you, and what is not. But what is that something, that just works?  That something that will not back down from shining light, serenity, responsibility, connection, laughter, questioning, doubt, or debate.  Could be family (Ashe!).  Could be the connection of past imprisoned souls (if you’re into it).  Could be that we’re all just some mutant twins.  I dunno! The point is, a city of light has no barriers, and when we add the element of health (by the root of the mind), then we are finally entering a paradise.  Connect with your Selves, and you’ll connect with your blessings.

Beware.  Be very aware of the thoughts that stifle you.  The ones that make you feel like the blood in your veins are about to curdle & clot till they burst, and swell you with anger.  Be clear, that the expression of anger will serve you, but the act may serve something else.  Constant anxiety can wrap you in ghosts that create this cloud of uncertainty, which cover your dependant soul, pleading for your permission to express, and for the acceptance of that expression.  Accept yourselves, and exalt!  Exalt to higher states, leisures, activities, limitless ideas, procedures, routes to work, knowledge,  therapies, discoveries…  Every being can choose to move for-ward (cause we’re never going back-ward<– nope), but acknowledgement of peace, survival stories, music, food, entertainment, interests, anatomy, or maturityyy.  These are still very big pillars to build foundations on.  They may seem small, but they feed that buzzing light within you.  We are a species that has dealt with it.  No one can take that away from us.  Every One has been deprived of something that is a missing piece to the soul’s puzzle.  Some of these pieces, we’ve learned to be afraid of; and that’s okay.  There will always be someone there to help.  Just stay in the meditation of searching, and be confident (confident that you know nothing lol, no be humble 😛 ).  Because we have to consider all our war wounds.  How else do you deal with family?  Or anyone.  ‘Reason’ can no longer be an after-thought.  See the affect, find the cause, and float upward into the thanks you give for making it out.  We’ll meet up when you come out.

Rise.  Shine.  Make sure you are armed with compassion/understanding, goals/dreams, background/roots, in-source/out-source, activity/relaxation, celebration/mourning, emotion/release, work/play, physique/energy, family/family…   Laughter, all-ways.

The circle is ‘infinite’ 8, and it’s just cause, we never condemn 😉

You have a right to a most sovereign & harmonic life.

Thanks Fam.