Is He with you?

I’m feeling the spirit todayy…  Take this as a 1 or 2 week challenge!


Now!  They call this a ‘Prayer for Protection’, but in actuality, it solidifies the concept that you are in all things, and all things within you.  This derives from it’s origin, which is that He (and She) is in all things; making a connection between us and anything else that exists here.  The word ‘imagination’ has been given a really sloppy representation.  People have just decided to associate it with children.  There is a better word, but it will not be found in the English language, sorry.  Your imagination is the best way to view, and GIVE ENERGY TO the things that you want to manifest in your life (or world).  It’s time that people learn how to move mountains.  In a sense, to hear God in our thoughts.  In order to do this, you must be calm, and your nervous system must be stable (meditation).  This can be difficult to do if you haven’t made any changes in your diet or daily habits.  It is as if you are not going with the flow.  Some of us are quite afraid to free fall with intuitive guidance.  It can be like this, “Who is that in my head?!!”   “They’re helping me, but they’re not a real person!!”   “How can I trust this very low voice that sounds like me, but isn’t me because it’s not freaking out like I am right now!!!?!”   “Sounds so much like me, and knows me, and what I like, but it doesn’t sound like it’s ashamed or guilty.”   “Is it me?”   Yes it’s you!  However,  He’ll only show you this in a way that helps you notice that it is Him and you!  Give credit, where credit is due, and let go.

Call it meditation, prayer, or keeping the Holy Spirit with you, but it’s all connected.  He always has a way of letting you know you’re doing the right thing, and you’re okay.  In fact, you have to be 97% confident that you can ask the Creator questions and receive an answer.  Asking for signs (if I see 4 people in a green coat today then…) or a bodily response (my stomach feels cooling and refreshed! that’s a yes!).  Remember, your path and these responses can only be catered to YOU (Your. Own. Universe.).  Take this challenge, and you’ll reach 100% of your faith as the days go by.  A lot of times you will need quiet, and daydream quiet (manifest time).  *When you receive an intuitive message, give your Self a moment to confirm what you want to do.

Please send me your testimonies of how you felt during the week!  Try to stay mindful of your journey, so you can record the many interesting days.  Leave a comment or e-mail

much thanks guys 😉


Decipher the music!

When I say decipher the music, I mean, decode it…

Yes we’ve had songs like Soulja Boy, Poker Face, and Bubble Butt.  We also had Baby Got Back, Dirrty, and The Bad Touch (by the Bloodhound Gang…you remember that one).  What is it about music, that drives a separation between our generations?  Should there even be a wedge between us on this subject?  I dunno… let’s see!

In my experience, every decade of music for the past 30 years, has been a series of tributes to past artists who have ‘paved the way’ from, let’s say, the 50’s (and a bit before that) to the present.  I know this because, listening to the lyrics of some songs today, can sound like deja vu.  When you are listening to a song, you are hearing the souls of the people singing it.  No matter what the beat may be,  the artist is always introducing you into somebody’s world, for a reason.

The 3 things that I want to bring attention to in current music is:

  1.  Music, and our ability to listen to different genres.
  2. The age gap in our melodies.
  3. Recognition of spiritual warfare in a song.

1- Sometimes we have to look at music as, life developing from a single cell organism.  It can evolve all it wants, but we cannot forget that there is a root.  Starting from the days of using natural resources to create instruments like, the Kalimba, Balafon, or the Djembe Drum, to the rebellious sounds of Mozart, Louis Armstrong, B.B. King, Bob Marley, and Jimmy H…  Music has had one job.  To inform us, and bring us together.  I know what you guys are thinking.  “We had artists like Nina!  Now we have Beyonce?” or “We had Ms. Simon, and now we have Ms. Goulding?  How did it get like this?”  This does not mean that Beyonce and Ellie, are not trying to do their job.  In fact, a lot of people choose not to listen to certain artists, due to appearance and influence; which says something about the way we govern ourselves (or Our Self).  You kind of want to diversify your music library, to see where we meet up.  Same goes for the music with no words, which still moves our soul (like classical, world, or heavy metal).  When Serj of System of a Down says, “When you lose small mind, you free your life.”  I get him.  When Peaches & Herb say “Solid as a Rock!”  I feel them now.  If Ellie wants to tell me “we don’t have to worry about nothing, cause we got the fire, and we burning one hell of a something.”  Then I’m gonna let it burn! Lol.


2-  This brings me to the age gap…  As I said before, everything has a root.  As generations raise more generations, and so on, it is important for us to teach our children about music.  Not necessarily to curb their listening decisions, but to remind them that music is a way of expressing, while also keeping calm.  A way of boosting confidence,  and also keeping humble.  The most influential component about music that is popular to us right now, is that it helps us conquer our everyday lives in the world’s system.  I know you guys notice that, don’t lie to me! Haha.   Like the teens present, we had many different styles to go with our music, that have made us the underdogs that we are today.  So even though, it may not seem like they’re getting the proper dose of consciousness, they are.  It is only that, music has had to put on many layers of candy coating (or code-ing),  so it can speak to them and us, through our consciousness.  I actually learned how to do this in high school, but they may not teach this anymore.  For instance,  the 00’s were a bevy of love songs, that I now overstand, having gone through the experiences.   The conscious young person of today will see, and understand the correlation between past and present music.  If they do not, give them the proper information, and they will be back on track!  Bridge the gap..


3-  How easy is it to tell when the artist is giving you a heads up, about something detrimental happening in society?  He/She will give you an amazing sound/beat that can help you feel what they’re saying, even if they can’t say it all.  They will run it by a small portion of the public first, of whom are male & female, and correspond to different cultural backgrounds.  As well, in most cases, they will pick a trending or cult classic short to remind you of how much art really imitates life.  Popular music,  usually has 3 kinds of sounds.  A war sound, a love sound, and a unity sound (all expressing unity of course).  Now I will present 3 songs that need to be decoded spiritually..

I chose Knytro’s Capone as a war song, because rap music is usually given a bad rep.  Yes it may be loud, and a tad vulgar, but not every ‘b*tch’ is a female; nor is every ‘n*gga’ a black male.   This begs the question, who are they talking about?  This is why rap plays a big part in decoding astral messages.  Knytro is basically saying that we’ve been through it, you’ve been through it (or are about to go through it), and now you fit in with us.  Please note that it may be difficult to find the lyrics to this song, so listen closely.

For our love music, I chose an 00’s pop favorite, Ashley Simpson’s Pieces of Me.  The radio played this song a countless number of times, so that we can all get sick of it, and completely miss the point of the song (that’s what they do).  Something as simple as this little pop diddy, can be misconstrued for lounge music.  She’s actually saying something here.  She speaks for females who have found their love, and want to be secure in their relationship.  Not comfortable, but secure.  If my flaws lead me on a path to destruction, will you lift me up again?  Will you still love me unconditionally, even if I crucify you for pointing out my flaws?


Songs of unity, are usually those that help empower the people, who want us to come together.  This is not a feeling you can fake.  A lot of times, we do have to act on our own ‘divisiveness’, to see how bad it hurts the people around us, & ourselves; but  “..don’t give up the fight, you’ve got to stand up for your rights.”  Who said that? 😀   For this portion, I will choose, Panic at the Disco’s This is Gospel.  This song targets the indoctrinated social standards, that have been forced on society, when it comes to religious beliefs, taboos, and overall personal image.  Being part of one religion, does not mean that another lacks sound doctrine.  Also, that those with a not-so-squeaky clean image, are very capable of doing more for society than we think; and that those with the purest image, may not be so pure.  The band wants us to know, that we all have a path to greatness, despite our messy choices.  As well, that no matter what our elders have planned for us, we still need to live our lives.

Thanks so much!

Some (just some) songs I recommend to be aware:

DJ RV – Dancehall of War 2014

DJ Narcos – Roots Rockers Reggae Selection

Reggae Therapy With Bob Marley @432hz

James Brown – The Good Foot

System of a Down – Aerials –also B.Y.O.B.

Ceas Rock – Zero Gravity

Jane’s Addiction – Just Because

Kid Ink – Money and the Power

Pink Floyd – Time —-also Money

Love and Rockets – Ball of Confusion

Jedi Mind Tricks – I Against I —–also Heavenly Divine

Melissa Auf der Maur – 1000 years

Odessa – Breathe

Billy Talent – Red Flag

Do you fear Rastas?

The more I reflect on this issue, the more reluctant I am to elaborate on this.  I mean the title alone speaks volumes..  So I will let Ras Afari speak and continue after.

Those of you, who are privy to my previous posts on this site, would probably agree that the Rastafarian community might have a lot of information.  However,  many nations now have to ponder whether this information is of any use.  When I use the word fear,  I’m not referring to a quivering or terrifying sensation (even though some may have this towards Rasta).  I’m talking about that quick, shocking reaction that causes someone to turn away an astral/spiritual person.  This can also represent fear.  I know this because, I too have felt this way towards the Rastafarian faith.  I said “Oh no I could never date a Rasta, with the beard and everything? Ew!”  “I don’t really know those men!” Haha! Funny how irony works.  At the same time, I didn’t quite overstand my own culture to it’s fullest history.  So I beg of you, if you have questions for a Ras, ask.  The one who chooses to be short with you, is not doing his/her job.  That is not what we promote.

Qedamawe Haile Selassie I the first (AKA Ras Tafari), was a man who could take the idea of positivity and unity, to a level where you could dilute the energy of billions of people in one space; like a spot of blood dripping in clear water.  So it could spread.  Especially, to those who understood/overstood what it took to be a defender of this faith.  Many people had to die.  There are people dying now, but what about the ones still living?  Are they not some sort of example at this point?  Maybe, who knows lol.  Any real Rasta should tell you that “you’re a Rasta since birth.”  If you ask, then we should tell you that.

So Rasta (yes YOU :p), let’s accomplish our goals together.  We need freedom of the mind, body, and spirit.  Freedom to express.  To live free of dis-ease, malnutrition, categories, cages, cruelty, guilt, shame, disrespect, jealousy, falsehood, addiction, scrutiny, murder-  It’s just that my day goes by a little better without it :$   We can agree? Lol.  We just want to see the smiles on all your faces, because you know that you’re here, you’re alive, and most importantly that you know your Self.  We just wanna laugh with you all the time. If you know this, then you’re in control, with a bit of Help.  Do not separate yourself from this Help, because He gives you more credit for your own divinity than you think.  Haile Selassie was the embodiment of Him, to give you an example of what level we have to reach in order to give our children’s children the most enjoyable, and respectful future.

Stay strong, especially in the mind.  Stay calm, and do not worry, for He is with you.  He also helps you out of many situations.  If your day does not seem like it’s going the way you manifested, it’s always for a reason.  This is a form of Love.

I guess you could say, Rasta is another word for us who are knowledgable and aware of spiritual reasoning.  This is a really big part of the human species, that has been ignored.  Having a real connection with all things of the Universe, is how we accept love in every form.  Have a wonderful 2016 everyone!  Keep pushing, and moving forward; no matter what the obstacle.

Research can be done at YouTube channels like rastafarisabbathical or EthiopianWorldNET.

Thanks, much love 😉



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Even the conscious woman likes some shimmer..

Not a make-up artist, but I can still make you beautiful!  Or could you make yourself…?

*Beauty is in the blood.  Not many people would know or believe this, but your blood plays a major role in your physical appearance, because it ‘moves to your mood’.  Negative energy will not help you produce the blood cells you need to fight pathogens or revitalize the entire body.  Positive energy will do this.  There are reports of people growing back limbs, from keeping their attitude in check.  😉