Compose the Growth

“I move forward with: habits, awareness, responsibility, goals, hunger, strength, sombre meditation, empathetic sickness, envisioning without sleep, caution, ingestion & indigestion of views and principals,  butterflies, psychic weapons, involuntary vulnerability, speech without speaking, ears ringing, muted vocals, and bright smiles under an ash crumbling pillow.”   -yours truly

If it’s about time, where does my time go?  When can I be me, and spend my time dusting off the sore, concrete, backs of men/women/children to uncover their vibrant and strong wings?  Will anyone need that?  Endless questions can cause some to give up..

What will you compose in this growth?  Are you thinking to create within the box or are you trying to work on the outside of it?  Either one can go a long way, but you have to know who you can trust.  No juggernauts! Just level-headed, on the rise, gracious with gratitude, fight for your team, adopt your children, types of loved ones.  They see where your going, and have invested their time and love in you, to make sure you stay in the game.  Those giving you the Aum (hopefully reminding you of home).  No one is new to a DIY challenge.  Brainstorm, write down, organize, execute, and repeat.  Are you getting closer to the satisfaction of working with whatever/whoever you’ve got?  Is it possible you can build something bigger?   Whenever you are about to make a big decision to practice, dedicate, or alter your image to fit your own: starved, relentless, human, and free-flowing efforts, then you are not only entering into long term sustainability, but long term principles; which explains the emotional roller coaster of a greed-stricken vessel.  It’s not mentally fortunate for the pleasantly possessed to survive.  This is why I feel timid around those starting to overstand, because people will need your vulnerability, and your story, but you don’t want that to be used against you in any negative way.  However, you’ll still have to push anyway.  To the conscious, it’s like birthing a baby lol.  You’ll have to push, even if you’re exhausted, cause a lot won’t say it, but they’ll want you to push for them; you can be ‘cold as ice’ and say “push yourSelves!”, but you know that will throw things off balance.  So you want recognition!  At least that, but another power struggle will cripple you.  So you decide to keep your mental fire burning, and come to terms with your real job here.  You’ve probably started letting go of the less noticeable details at your work place, to make room for those extra-ordinary ideas that might bring you, and the people close to you, to more of an equilibrium in this supernal transformation.  Less wants?  No.  More wants.  Wants containing: symmetry, cultivation, independence, pure & self-driven flight, connection, forgiveness, painless days (nights, weekends, months, negotiations, food, drink), true smiles (contributions, stories, or laughter), the absence of time, true security, and coming to terms with the abundance that this sort of ‘internal community inclusion’ brings.

I’ve attempted a ‘communal inclusion’ method every year for the past 7 years, while also dealing with the business sector, just to give you an idea of how much ‘PUSH’ it might take.  If you want to compose the right growth, find the right people.  Intuitively, you already know them..

Much love 🙂



This piece isn’t so much about parenting, as it is about pre-parenting, or bio-parenting, so to speak.  The practice of creating a natural intention, when having your child.

You and your spouse are able to put your most positive intentions (negative ones also), and strength-building characteristics into your child from the time of conception, to the time of birth.  It’s really about taking the time to think about the future of your legacy, and being able to manifest this bio-energy throughout your child’s development.

Some of you may have the bug-eyed “What?” face, but is the perception so improbable?  See, now we have to look at all the potentials.  Our tactics, skills, home remedies, and what we can use in nature; in fact, what we can use in ourSelves.  A “wholistic” way of life, which is our birth right.  See it?  And it takes some calming down, with a look at your highest principles, traditions, and expectations of Self.  What are the most endorphin-driven ideologies, that have given you the highest excitement in your heart-centre?  Those are the principles that you will most likely pass to your children.  Whether aware of it, or not.  My generation made it a point, to expose the benefits of fun!  So we find it quite important to teach our children, nieces, nephews about the importance of laughter, and what it really means to take life seriously, but not so seriously (a very big window into the astral realm actually).  Hoping that they share this with their friends, and one day their family.  It’s something we can pass down, which doesn’t cost anything; and it helps the community, deal.

People need to know what they have, as well as what they want.  What do you have?  Is it the compulsive need to do something?  Is it sensitivity?  Is it your networking/social abilities?  Is it your will to survive?  Is it material? ..(hint: what you buy says a lot about you, but does not stop you from change)..  We must look at our strengths when becoming parents.  We’ll need the ability to lead, love, learn, and teach.

When we can properly analyze ourselves in a realistic manner, and come to an equally-yoked parenting style with our significant others, then we solidify what we think, say, and do during the ‘true development process’  (conception to birth).  The type of person you are, how you treat others, how you handle pain & mistreatment, how you continue to give some form of Love to the people who have caused that pain, humor, multi-tasking (takes meditation and exercise), diet, attention to detail, a deeply rooted overstanding of your inner child (giving thanks and appreciation to the younger you, for getting you where you are today…no matter how crazy it looked 😀 ), and really being able to pay attention to that Bio-energy!  It will save your life! How else do you know what you like and dislike?  Or what you put out for people to receive, and get back what you put out?  When people meet you, they see everything, and that’s important, because we need to recognize things in each other.  Anytime you meet up with nature, and true expression comes from that someone or something, you’re learning more about yourself.  We don’t look for validation from others, but information, which is rightfully ours, can come from anywhere.  It is that bio-energy which attracts you to the things and people you will need, to get you to where you want to be.  A vibration you can feel, in it’s lowest and highest.  Just as easy as knowing the energy in your home, compared to when you go to someone else’s house.  It’s not just the decor, that feels unfamiliar.  More children will tell you this these days.  They’ll tell you if something feels off, or exactly why they don’t like something or someone.  Used to take us at least a decade to be that certain.

Your temper, as freeing as it is to express, is curable by remembering to take care of Self.  For instance, I stay positive, but sometimes I’m ‘positively pissed’.  Depending on what goals you have for yourSelf and society (which connect), sometimes your need to do everything and get everything done, while dealing with certain obstacles, can be too straining.   This is a sign that some tasks, are to be completed a bit later.  Communication to Self, and communication to others is the best way to help ourSelves in these situations.  Or “you’re just hungry”.  Which is a phrase that should no longer exist.  Especially when you are a parent.  Hunger is the dissatisfaction of your solar plexus (stomach area or chakra), and it is the DIRECT ROOT/Route to the soul.  When you’re hungry you almost have to slouch, and slink yourself around, to keep from unleashing a pandora’s box of anger and lashing out.  Trust me, we’ve been taking it easy on each other, compared to the hunger stories I’ve heard.  And we can’t de-sensitize this.  Eat anything, grab anything when having an active day with your boopies, because they’re aware of when your energy changes, and they respond accordingly.  The exhaustion is easier to deal with when you’re moving from your heart-centre.  Time and money, may get you stuck.

Don’t forget who you love, how you love, what you bring to the table, the uniqueness of you & your life, the goals you had before selling parts of yourSelf (some had to do it), open-ness & communication, love thy self, extend help and overstanding when possible, take opportunities to heal all wounds and pain (babies respond positively to parents dealing with themSelves during pregnancy as well), and remember that you can’t go anywhere but up.  If you can still see in the dark, then you know that it will never cover Light.

I love you all.  This one, is not only for all the mothers and fathers,  but for those that only dream of being in their position, and have to wait just a little bit longer.  Only a bit!  I know you can feel it.

A happy maather’s day to my mom Cheryl.  The Queen that birthed me, and always reminded me that, if there isn’t a problem, then it isn’t a problem.  Until it’s a problem! Lol.   Thanks everyone 🙂



A lot of people feel that ‘holistic’ might mean extra natural, hippie, granola, tree-hugging, plain, or magically zen (which are not adverse terms, since people now know they need to eat clean lol).  In actuality, it is just the notion that you can encompass everything to suit your needs.  That you are able to take your most egotistic thoughts (of things you are used to), overstand and be mindful of those, in order to ask the right questions, or try the things you don’t know about.  After that, being able to peacefully say “I see why it’s for you, but not for me.”  Respect in duality to see why Love is important.  Google uses words like ‘characterized’, as well it should, we all have some form of characterization, but we cannot forget that, even in character, we are still dealing with a human life.  You’ll never know who you’re talking to, until you really talk to them (man or woman, you don’t know).  It takes many years of practice, sleepless nights, addictions, and insecurities to shake the haunting of taking another human life (or life of nature as a whole most times).  Even then, you’ll still have to acknowledge how that will affect your path and others’.  You will definitely get back what you dish out…

Holistic, in its vibrational meaning, is the practice of acquiring balance, through a peaceful mind of Self, your enemies, your family, your health, your truthfulness, your falsities, and your life seen in every aspect, from the examples of your environment or society in general.  This is why we have dreams/visions!  The universe basically putting you in someone else’s shoes, to connect you in this infinite web of knowing.  So you’ll never have to say, “Well I don’t know anybody like that.”  You’re not dead yet, you may meet them soon.  We’re smart I swear lol, and we know the consequences.  You’re tired and you just don’t feel like trying any more?  That’s alright,  but the person who drained you won’t suffer.  It will only be you.

Guys I’ve SEEN SOME THINGS over the past couple weeks (only took 2 weeks), and people cannot advocate for a self-built/Self-built society, if they are not willing to go all the way with it.  This is what we’re dealing with:  People unwilling to ask questions (this connects us), some actually quite brainwashed (whether willing to admit it or not), insecurities (due to really hard times before they ‘made it’), disrespectful youth (due to those insecurities), no longer asking or confronting someone (due to assumptions).  All these things cause a fear of working together with people.  Whether you are a person trying to contribute something naturally or falsely beneficial to the world, there will always be that one ‘miserable Mary/Monty’ that wants to keep their foot on you by force, and not by having a conversation with you.  Has nothing to do with what you’re selling sometimes.  It is that some want to be an oppressor, or some are so used to the idea of an oppressor.  Also, some are just used to having a certain image, which doesn’t include helping others.  I overstand this!  I became this at one point.  This is why I’ll never condemn you.  I will just ask questions to KNOW you (plug—>Nosaiik).  I will light up even more, when I sense that you know yourself, at the present time (because life brings us many changes).  We are in a time, where some will use a maze of ideas to trap you, and keep you in cages (mentally/physically),  a time where peer pressure is an okay thing (even astrally/spiritually, be careful),  and a time where people actually believe they’re inside will have to match their outside (because they just don’t feel like trying any further).  A person that sees things as a whole can encourage anyone, because they’ll find light whichever way they look.  This is your harmony.  We won’t be able to save all the people that choose to stay broken.  And that’s okay,  cause the web of interconnection goes many ways.

Bring your shade to light, and your light to shade.  Then see what the outcome is…

I Give Thanks for all your subscriptions, and for everything I’ve learned in this mystical period.


*To all my Holistic/complimentary therapists, Rmts, Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Nurses, Nutritionists..etc.  All of you who work in an industry, where some seem to dumb down your job, due to corporate greed.  I salute you, love you, and wish you the world in the palm of your hand, because they don’t know who they’re talking to.  May they know sooner than later.  All the best, and many blessings <3


This is probably one of the most crucial posts I’m going to give you guys.  Everything else after this one, may seem like, how some would say, ‘food for thought’.  Not this one.  You have to be quite proactive with this piece.

‘Reaction’, whether positive or negative, is the result of excitatory feelings towards past experiences (& ideas) of the ego, or learning Self.  We cannot mistake these feelings for a righteous meditation.  If we do, the judgement never stops; and will continue to circle around some infested waters of ‘hypocrisy’.  Pride will do this as well.  It’s just about being cautious/conscious with our truths.  We are in a time where we can make our truths false, and our falsities true.  Please make no mistake that the truth can also be questioned.  Especially when there are changes in the factors of time, environment, and stability (preservation of nature).  We call these ‘waves’, and in these waves, we still have to keep our balance.

‘Balance’, in the astral sense, would be the continual ability to automatically sense your confidence, mixed with that, almost pessimistic power to laugh at one’s Self.  I say ‘pessimistic’, because we kind of learnt it that way, but basically the ability to say, “I can suck at times too.” 😀    When we can take the things we are ashamed of,  overstand where they stem from, or the purpose for their existence in our path, then we can act responsibly for future generations.  Shame is an ethereal consequence of change.  It is a conditioned sense of crushing dis-ease, and anxious embarrassment. It’s not really needed, when you’re moving on from things that no longer serve you.  Guilt will also drain you.  Analyze your actions thoroughly, while considering love for your energetic Self (careful of Self punishment).  When the storm is over, are you going to move forward? Or will you choose death after all the hard work?  The balance is in knowing how you got here, where you’re going as a unique compliment to nature; with the education of your past.

The telescopes. The experiments. The assessments.  They are all you.  Whether you are subjected to them, or not, you are the deciding factor in upholding a body, that when it is born, will be loved, attacked, touched, injured, pampered, and fatigued (so many!).  The truth and lies will make you weak.  I repeat.  The truth and lies will make you strong.  You are no longer limited from blurring the lines.  You are aware of the differences, what is for you, and what is not. But what is that something, that just works?  That something that will not back down from shining light, serenity, responsibility, connection, laughter, questioning, doubt, or debate.  Could be family (Ashe!).  Could be the connection of past imprisoned souls (if you’re into it).  Could be that we’re all just some mutant twins.  I dunno! The point is, a city of light has no barriers, and when we add the element of health (by the root of the mind), then we are finally entering a paradise.  Connect with your Selves, and you’ll connect with your blessings.

Beware.  Be very aware of the thoughts that stifle you.  The ones that make you feel like the blood in your veins are about to curdle & clot till they burst, and swell you with anger.  Be clear, that the expression of anger will serve you, but the act may serve something else.  Constant anxiety can wrap you in ghosts that create this cloud of uncertainty, which cover your dependant soul, pleading for your permission to express, and for the acceptance of that expression.  Accept yourselves, and exalt!  Exalt to higher states, leisures, activities, limitless ideas, procedures, routes to work, knowledge,  therapies, discoveries…  Every being can choose to move for-ward (cause we’re never going back-ward<– nope), but acknowledgement of peace, survival stories, music, food, entertainment, interests, anatomy, or maturityyy.  These are still very big pillars to build foundations on.  They may seem small, but they feed that buzzing light within you.  We are a species that has dealt with it.  No one can take that away from us.  Every One has been deprived of something that is a missing piece to the soul’s puzzle.  Some of these pieces, we’ve learned to be afraid of; and that’s okay.  There will always be someone there to help.  Just stay in the meditation of searching, and be confident (confident that you know nothing lol, no be humble 😛 ).  Because we have to consider all our war wounds.  How else do you deal with family?  Or anyone.  ‘Reason’ can no longer be an after-thought.  See the affect, find the cause, and float upward into the thanks you give for making it out.  We’ll meet up when you come out.

Rise.  Shine.  Make sure you are armed with compassion/understanding, goals/dreams, background/roots, in-source/out-source, activity/relaxation, celebration/mourning, emotion/release, work/play, physique/energy, family/family…   Laughter, all-ways.

The circle is ‘infinite’ 8, and it’s just cause, we never condemn 😉

You have a right to a most sovereign & harmonic life.

Thanks Fam.






Where might you get your confidence from?

The truth about confidence is that it will save your life…  If it is genuine, and based on your own courage, respect for Self, and love for self, which in turn encourages others, then it’s pretty legit.

It is so pertinent that you need it before accomplishing anything actually.  It’s possible that most of us have put all our confidence in our work/job focus.  So what about when you’re not in work mode, or in that automatic trance of doing something you are well trained to do?  Are you free to be who you are in your own home, with absolutely no versions of paranoia?  Can you make mistakes?  Be strong or weak in public or private?  Confidence will help you in all these areas, and it should be fun.  Just finding those components that make up a burst of interests, which later transform into your talents.  This will play a big role in energizing your ‘battery’.  In other words, it will fuel your ‘will’ (will to live).

Discovering more about yourself should light your fire.  There is always something about us that we can’t deny, is pretty cool.  Nothing wrong with this, enjoy this, and magnify it; especially if others can benefit from it.  A lot of times, confidence will come from what we know, and what we like.  Some of us grew up in multiple environments, where confidence was acquired through certain memories, so it can be difficult to put you in a box.  You can never really stray away from the things or people that spark a euphoric fireworks within you.  This is love, and the feelings should always be returned.  The truth is, we can fall in love with many truths, but more prominently those that excite us, amaze us, make us wonder, and encourage our participation.  Never for-get these experiences, because they don’t always stem from home unfortunately (or at least as far as you know).  What’s really beautiful about this type of evolution I’m speaking of, is that you may notice a positive in just about every culture, organization, or group.  Even the really twisted ones have life on this earth for the same reason.  The more energy given to something, the more it survives.  So you have to know, and be confident in what you like!  Establishing your innate confidence is what finally makes your story, yours.  You have to love you, your interests, and what you put out for nature to receive. It’s okay to freeze up in situations, because once you’ve enjoyed every aspect of yourself, you can infuse your Self into any setting.   Anxious feelings are also lively feelings.  We can’t always be worried about who or what influences us, but how we influence others.  There will always be something catching about the person who isn’t always in plane view, so SHOW OFF.  I’ve liked so many styles and traits over the years, that nothing shocks me, and nothing has ever made me less interested in who we are.  So I’m chilling!

Be unspeakably gorgeous about who you are, and what you do.  Keep this secret for you, until you are asked for an interview, and even then, keep what is only for you.

Be confident.

As my aunt says, “Smooches!”   Thanks 😉

doing your job.

Are  you 100% sure you’re doing your job?

Peeps I have goals, and as I live on and wake up every morning, I am always pretty sure those goals have nothing to do with monetary gain.  It’s possible that I feel like this because I’m aware of what my job is in about every compulsive, introverted, repressed, but breathing aspect of life.  My job from about the age of 5, I would say, is to aid people in acknowledging and filtering out the positivity, in a long historic book of spiritual contrasts.  I know this because you can take anything you want out of a situation, experience, or art.  Anything you want!  No matter what the message or appearance is, you can take anything you want from it.  Which is why I would let you guys know about the bio-energetic (bodily energy), and euphoric sensations to be aware of when dealing with your intuition.  Or your ‘chill’, so to speak.  The reason I can only hint on certain information, is because no one can tell you what to do or think, unless truth screams at your body with an involuntary emotional response.  You may not want to make a real life decision under stress.  The statistics of stress speak for itself.  Even when you’re about to make a harmful decision, the body sends a surge of calm so you’re completely sure about what you’re going to do.  I didn’t make the body.  Although from my experience, it is pretty perfect in imperfectness, because I made the choice to look into the matter, and practice.  Please choose what you want, and be considerate enough to watch how the choice affects your environment.


I wish I could teach you history as well, but I am not an elder at this time.  We all have to learn from something or someone.  I had books, articles, documentaries, and web links handed to me, and that sparked an urge to seek more on my own as well.  So I’d say for every fact you find, there should be about 3 sources that match; depending on which doctors you like. 😉  You also have to overstand that when it comes to history, some parts are missing from everybody’s His-story.  So sad to tell you that, but that’s true.  Wasn’t necessarily a complete universal detriment, because some weren’t ready yet on either side of the spectrum.  Exposure will make you look at yourself, make you look at others, and family; makes you look at God.  Everything has to be touched, because it’s all connected.  So if you’re yearning for more real history, just point and choose, cause we’ll link up somewhere (we should anyway).  It will be deep, overwhelming, and soaked in humility, but we have shared so much already.  What’s a little more? 😀   When you find the root, please be prepared to identify with that root.  With it comes, emotion, thinking, reasoning, rest, logic, health, strength, and possibly the best of all, life.

Jobs, professions, tasks, chores, missions, engagements, and positions are apart of you.  They are embedded in your life’s time sequence.  They are a big part of who you are in this life book!  If you do a job that you are not paid for, it is still your job.  If you do a job that you don’t always have time for, it is still your job.  Your natural talents are never wasted.  Think about this.  You are one person in a neighbourhood, surrounded by at least a  10 mile radius of people with many different skills.  If you were to work diligently with at least 30 people around you, that’s a small city.  A lot of the time, where we can’t meet up is in our ability to focus on the bigger picture, but that would probably mean communities would have to agree upon a ‘wholistic idea’.  One that creates a seed or constant fuel to nourish people in spirit, body, and mind.  Something that drives people to work in unison, and do everything in their power to keep it.  For me, it’s the children. Simple. The babes, the toddlers, the boopies! Whatever nicknames you have for em’, it’s them.  Find a seed and build.  Even amongst chaos, build.







Look for the common denominator 😎 😉


Does Morpheus have a pink pill?  That’d be cute ….



When it comes to ageing, are we actually slowly decaying, or are we just living?

I feel that ageing is a big pill to swallow when it comes to living.  It is as if you can see the inevitable, because you are aware of the end result.  At the same time, I wouldn’t change the fact that I have this information.  As humans, we have so many avenues of choice to help curb our destiny, that when we feel a balanced and positive response to those choices, we might immediately sense a release in our bodies.  It is as though the soul has gotten its medicine, and for that moment, it is completely satisfied.  The electric vibrations of finally taking care of what we really want, or really need.  For instance, hunger or cravings, a shower, new clothing, finishing work your passionate about, upgrading, etc…  When you notice this somewhat chemical release of an endorphin high, it is what some would call a ‘heights’.  Could possibly feel like your body is advising you of the fact that you are living, and it might say “Could we stick with this feeling for a while?  I sense that we may live longer.”  Then we go back to the initial concentrations or distractions of worldly routines, and-  “Why isn’t my body feeling that gorgeous reaction to finishing my son’s science project, as it did to the chocolate cake from last night?” Sometimes relief does not only stem from a physical satisfaction.  You may encounter it after doing something creative, conquering a fear, or successfully completing all tasks that you put in priority for the day. Although, being fatigued from adding this leisurely work to work work could give us a more subtle response.  Almost disappointing isn’t it?  Just a light, calming dose of ‘heights’ to keep you in a peaceful meditation; but still a chance you could go stirr crazy.   This is a trustworthy feeling also, but we can only accomplish this kind of homework a few times in the week, because we work hard, and we’re tired…  You could take it to an extreme, but being proactive is exhausting at times.

Someone may say, “Well what about murder?  What about all those so-called humans that love to murder all living things?”  My take, would be that everyone has a certain experience when it comes to murder.  Meanwhile, some things are taught and instilled from childhood, which could be unlearned in some cases, but then choice would have to present itself.  Keep in mind, that some laws help us continue our life on this planet.  Don’t harm yourself or others (physically, mentally, or spiritually), and be kind to nature (this is a summed up version, search 42 Laws of Maat:).  So at some point, you’d have to make a choice of whether human law means anything to you.  With that, ‘control’ comes into play.  Control is what makes us Mon-stars! Because we are a thinking species, and  our overall control equals strength and endurance in all aspects of life.  Everything in moderation.  This is what gives us our glamour, and makes us shiny.  It is what compels a scientist to study us in the first place, or other animals to probably wonder what we are.  I feel. Right? 😆

We’re in a period where we have to do things in bits to feel our livity (or feeling you’re alive), but this is still fuel for us.  If this is what you’re feeling, never stop.  This smooth and almost vague meditation helps you float through your experience.  It keeps you grounded.  We may go through some trauma, or drain a lot of our energy doing things for others, but you can also feel redeemed in these strength-building experiences.   It wares on you, and you’re tired (flippin exhausted it’s ridiculous).  However, what will separate you and the senile/bitter elder, may be your fundamental ability to enjoy life.  Are you taking your time when you need it?  Are you exercising your human right to put your life as a priority, when you have the time and space to do so? Without being bitter about the time taken from you? Lol maybe? Strength is key sometimes.  Makes you wanna clench your teeth and scream till it hurts. Please do that.  Express that, because we do this as this sort of function of letting things go, so that more information can go in.  What information do you want to go in? Well it’s your choice of course.  However, it looks like, if you are someone who overstands positive bodily response, control, strength, and endurance, then AGE may no longer be a factor for you.

Thanks so much everyone!  Laterz 

*Faith may need to come in soon, cause I know you’re tirrrred…


Is He with you?

I’m feeling the spirit todayy…  Take this as a 1 or 2 week challenge!


Now!  They call this a ‘Prayer for Protection’, but in actuality, it solidifies the concept that you are in all things, and all things within you.  This derives from it’s origin, which is that He (and She) is in all things; making a connection between us and anything else that exists here.  The word ‘imagination’ has been given a really sloppy representation.  People have just decided to associate it with children.  There is a better word, but it will not be found in the English language, sorry.  Your imagination is the best way to view, and GIVE ENERGY TO the things that you want to manifest in your life (or world).  It’s time that people learn how to move mountains.  In a sense, to hear God in our thoughts.  In order to do this, you must be calm, and your nervous system must be stable (meditation).  This can be difficult to do if you haven’t made any changes in your diet or daily habits.  It is as if you are not going with the flow.  Some of us are quite afraid to free fall with intuitive guidance.  It can be like this, “Who is that in my head?!!”   “They’re helping me, but they’re not a real person!!”   “How can I trust this very low voice that sounds like me, but isn’t me because it’s not freaking out like I am right now!!!?!”   “Sounds so much like me, and knows me, and what I like, but it doesn’t sound like it’s ashamed or guilty.”   “Is it me?”   Yes it’s you!  However,  He’ll only show you this in a way that helps you notice that it is Him and you!  Give credit, where credit is due, and let go.

Call it meditation, prayer, or keeping the Holy Spirit with you, but it’s all connected.  He always has a way of letting you know you’re doing the right thing, and you’re okay.  In fact, you have to be 97% confident that you can ask the Creator questions and receive an answer.  Asking for signs (if I see 4 people in a green coat today then…) or a bodily response (my stomach feels cooling and refreshed! that’s a yes!).  Remember, your path and these responses can only be catered to YOU (Your. Own. Universe.).  Take this challenge, and you’ll reach 100% of your faith as the days go by.  A lot of times you will need quiet, and daydream quiet (manifest time).  *When you receive an intuitive message, give your Self a moment to confirm what you want to do.

Please send me your testimonies of how you felt during the week!  Try to stay mindful of your journey, so you can record the many interesting days.  Leave a comment or e-mail

much thanks guys 😉


Decipher the music!

When I say decipher the music, I mean, decode it…

Yes we’ve had songs like Soulja Boy, Poker Face, and Bubble Butt.  We also had Baby Got Back, Dirrty, and The Bad Touch (by the Bloodhound Gang…you remember that one).  What is it about music, that drives a separation between our generations?  Should there even be a wedge between us on this subject?  I dunno… let’s see!

In my experience, every decade of music for the past 30 years, has been a series of tributes to past artists who have ‘paved the way’ from, let’s say, the 50’s (and a bit before that) to the present.  I know this because, listening to the lyrics of some songs today, can sound like deja vu.  When you are listening to a song, you are hearing the souls of the people singing it.  No matter what the beat may be,  the artist is always introducing you into somebody’s world, for a reason.

The 3 things that I want to bring attention to in current music is:

  1.  Music, and our ability to listen to different genres.
  2. The age gap in our melodies.
  3. Recognition of spiritual warfare in a song.

1- Sometimes we have to look at music as, life developing from a single cell organism.  It can evolve all it wants, but we cannot forget that there is a root.  Starting from the days of using natural resources to create instruments like, the Kalimba, Balafon, or the Djembe Drum, to the rebellious sounds of Mozart, Louis Armstrong, B.B. King, Bob Marley, and Jimmy H…  Music has had one job.  To inform us, and bring us together.  I know what you guys are thinking.  “We had artists like Nina!  Now we have Beyonce?” or “We had Ms. Simon, and now we have Ms. Goulding?  How did it get like this?”  This does not mean that Beyonce and Ellie, are not trying to do their job.  In fact, a lot of people choose not to listen to certain artists, due to appearance and influence; which says something about the way we govern ourselves (or Our Self).  You kind of want to diversify your music library, to see where we meet up.  Same goes for the music with no words, which still moves our soul (like classical, world, or heavy metal).  When Serj of System of a Down says, “When you lose small mind, you free your life.”  I get him.  When Peaches & Herb say “Solid as a Rock!”  I feel them now.  If Ellie wants to tell me “we don’t have to worry about nothing, cause we got the fire, and we burning one hell of a something.”  Then I’m gonna let it burn! Lol.


2-  This brings me to the age gap…  As I said before, everything has a root.  As generations raise more generations, and so on, it is important for us to teach our children about music.  Not necessarily to curb their listening decisions, but to remind them that music is a way of expressing, while also keeping calm.  A way of boosting confidence,  and also keeping humble.  The most influential component about music that is popular to us right now, is that it helps us conquer our everyday lives in the world’s system.  I know you guys notice that, don’t lie to me! Haha.   Like the teens present, we had many different styles to go with our music, that have made us the underdogs that we are today.  So even though, it may not seem like they’re getting the proper dose of consciousness, they are.  It is only that, music has had to put on many layers of candy coating (or code-ing),  so it can speak to them and us, through our consciousness.  I actually learned how to do this in high school, but they may not teach this anymore.  For instance,  the 00’s were a bevy of love songs, that I now overstand, having gone through the experiences.   The conscious young person of today will see, and understand the correlation between past and present music.  If they do not, give them the proper information, and they will be back on track!  Bridge the gap..


3-  How easy is it to tell when the artist is giving you a heads up, about something detrimental happening in society?  He/She will give you an amazing sound/beat that can help you feel what they’re saying, even if they can’t say it all.  They will run it by a small portion of the public first, of whom are male & female, and correspond to different cultural backgrounds.  As well, in most cases, they will pick a trending or cult classic short to remind you of how much art really imitates life.  Popular music,  usually has 3 kinds of sounds.  A war sound, a love sound, and a unity sound (all expressing unity of course).  Now I will present 3 songs that need to be decoded spiritually..

I chose Knytro’s Capone as a war song, because rap music is usually given a bad rep.  Yes it may be loud, and a tad vulgar, but not every ‘b*tch’ is a female; nor is every ‘n*gga’ a black male.   This begs the question, who are they talking about?  This is why rap plays a big part in decoding astral messages.  Knytro is basically saying that we’ve been through it, you’ve been through it (or are about to go through it), and now you fit in with us.  Please note that it may be difficult to find the lyrics to this song, so listen closely.

For our love music, I chose an 00’s pop favorite, Ashley Simpson’s Pieces of Me.  The radio played this song a countless number of times, so that we can all get sick of it, and completely miss the point of the song (that’s what they do).  Something as simple as this little pop diddy, can be misconstrued for lounge music.  She’s actually saying something here.  She speaks for females who have found their love, and want to be secure in their relationship.  Not comfortable, but secure.  If my flaws lead me on a path to destruction, will you lift me up again?  Will you still love me unconditionally, even if I crucify you for pointing out my flaws?


Songs of unity, are usually those that help empower the people, who want us to come together.  This is not a feeling you can fake.  A lot of times, we do have to act on our own ‘divisiveness’, to see how bad it hurts the people around us, & ourselves; but  “..don’t give up the fight, you’ve got to stand up for your rights.”  Who said that? 😀   For this portion, I will choose, Panic at the Disco’s This is Gospel.  This song targets the indoctrinated social standards, that have been forced on society, when it comes to religious beliefs, taboos, and overall personal image.  Being part of one religion, does not mean that another lacks sound doctrine.  Also, that those with a not-so-squeaky clean image, are very capable of doing more for society than we think; and that those with the purest image, may not be so pure.  The band wants us to know, that we all have a path to greatness, despite our messy choices.  As well, that no matter what our elders have planned for us, we still need to live our lives.

Thanks so much!

Some (just some) songs I recommend to be aware:

DJ RV – Dancehall of War 2014

DJ Narcos – Roots Rockers Reggae Selection

Reggae Therapy With Bob Marley @432hz

James Brown – The Good Foot

System of a Down – Aerials –also B.Y.O.B.

Ceas Rock – Zero Gravity

Jane’s Addiction – Just Because

Kid Ink – Money and the Power

Pink Floyd – Time —-also Money

Love and Rockets – Ball of Confusion

Jedi Mind Tricks – I Against I —–also Heavenly Divine

Melissa Auf der Maur – 1000 years

Odessa – Breathe

Billy Talent – Red Flag

Do you fear Rastas?

The more I reflect on this issue, the more reluctant I am to elaborate on this.  I mean the title alone speaks volumes..  So I will let Ras Afari speak and continue after.

Those of you, who are privy to my previous posts on this site, would probably agree that the Rastafarian community might have a lot of information.  However,  many nations now have to ponder whether this information is of any use.  When I use the word fear,  I’m not referring to a quivering or terrifying sensation (even though some may have this towards Rasta).  I’m talking about that quick, shocking reaction that causes someone to turn away an astral/spiritual person.  This can also represent fear.  I know this because, I too have felt this way towards the Rastafarian faith.  I said “Oh no I could never date a Rasta, with the beard and everything? Ew!”  “I don’t really know those men!” Haha! Funny how irony works.  At the same time, I didn’t quite overstand my own culture to it’s fullest history.  So I beg of you, if you have questions for a Ras, ask.  The one who chooses to be short with you, is not doing his/her job.  That is not what we promote.

Qedamawe Haile Selassie I the first (AKA Ras Tafari), was a man who could take the idea of positivity and unity, to a level where you could dilute the energy of billions of people in one space; like a spot of blood dripping in clear water.  So it could spread.  Especially, to those who understood/overstood what it took to be a defender of this faith.  Many people had to die.  There are people dying now, but what about the ones still living?  Are they not some sort of example at this point?  Maybe, who knows lol.  Any real Rasta should tell you that “you’re a Rasta since birth.”  If you ask, then we should tell you that.

So Rasta (yes YOU :p), let’s accomplish our goals together.  We need freedom of the mind, body, and spirit.  Freedom to express.  To live free of dis-ease, malnutrition, categories, cages, cruelty, guilt, shame, disrespect, jealousy, falsehood, addiction, scrutiny, murder-  It’s just that my day goes by a little better without it :$   We can agree? Lol.  We just want to see the smiles on all your faces, because you know that you’re here, you’re alive, and most importantly that you know your Self.  We just wanna laugh with you all the time. If you know this, then you’re in control, with a bit of Help.  Do not separate yourself from this Help, because He gives you more credit for your own divinity than you think.  Haile Selassie was the embodiment of Him, to give you an example of what level we have to reach in order to give our children’s children the most enjoyable, and respectful future.

Stay strong, especially in the mind.  Stay calm, and do not worry, for He is with you.  He also helps you out of many situations.  If your day does not seem like it’s going the way you manifested, it’s always for a reason.  This is a form of Love.

I guess you could say, Rasta is another word for us who are knowledgable and aware of spiritual reasoning.  This is a really big part of the human species, that has been ignored.  Having a real connection with all things of the Universe, is how we accept love in every form.  Have a wonderful 2016 everyone!  Keep pushing, and moving forward; no matter what the obstacle.

Research can be done at YouTube channels like rastafarisabbathical or EthiopianWorldNET.

Thanks, much love 😉